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♥ Sunday, October 21, 2012 ♥
The Return of the ____(insert adjective here)

21 October 2012


And no, I'm not secretly pregnant and waiting for the baby (THE baby? What baby?) to pop out anytime now. 

I have just been... gone! Too lazy and uninspired to blog about anything, not even about my life. 

I'm actually contemplating starting up a new blog and to blog consistently from now on, but well, you know me! I'm the queen of making excuses. Especially when it comes to blogging. Or anything else, for that matter.

So, why start up a new blog, you say? That's because... err, I am a changed woman now!

(Fine, I meant girl. I am a changed girl now.)

I have grown up! Just a little bit. I think. And this blog is so... old. I don't even want to browse through my archives to see what sort of immature, teenage fantasies and woes I had like, 5 years ago, haha. And of course, I don't want to see what I looked like 5 years ago, with the abominably short hair and plump cheeks. The horror! Hahaha. 

So many things have happened these nine months I was gone. College was college. Fun, stressful, occasionally boring (I am so full of shit, occasionally boring? Understatement of the year, haha), the usual drill! Life in this terrible apartment hasn't improved a bit. Well, okay, maybe a little, since I lugged a five-drawer plastic cupboard all the way from Penang to KL and now have more space to keep my ridiculous amounts of rubbish in. And I actually organized my things properly, like I have a makeup/accessories drawer, a food drawer, a toiletries/first aid drawer. I am so proud of myself. I mean, in the past, whenever I try to organize my things... well. Let's just say it never lasts for more than one week. But this time... *puffs out chest* I am a grown woman. Girl. Hahaha. 

There's a drawback about my bringing the draw-ers-back (get it? Don't get it? HAHA), though. I now have no space to maneuver myself around. It's tragic, really. I barely have any leg space under the too-narrow table and I can't push my chair backwards for fear of hitting the drawer and sending everything on top of it flying. Meh. 


Suppose I give you a short update of my life and what I'd LIKE to talk about if I decide to continue updating my blog. No promises though! 

1. Firstly, I no longer have my Xperia Ray and no longer have my pink Canon IXUS.
This is significant because if ever I have anything to update about in the future, it'll be difficult for me to take any photos. At all. My two babies ended their lives somewhere fabulous and completely beautiful, so I suppose I should take comfort in that fact. Hahaha. Also, thankfully, the memory cards remained intact so I still have all my photos. No memories lost! :)

2. Said 'fabulous and completely beautiful' place is Perhentian Island.
Went there during the August Raya holidays with my awesome boyfie (YOU ARE MENTIONED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY BLOG ARE YOU HAPPY NOW! ), and it was absolutely breathtaking. I took a whole mountain of photos, and hopefully I'll feel motivated enough to upload them. I haven't even uploaded them on Facebook and it's already been two months since I went there. Oops. 

3. I've been having extremely busy semesters.
No need for elaboration. It was horrible. Haha. And I got my first A- during my second semester and I still secretly want to stab someone with a knife. Yes I am very kiasu like that. That's pure, genuine Asian/Chinese blood for you! 

4. Halloween is coming up and I have no idea what to wear.
I can't seem to come up with a creative idea that doesn't require either money or time. I went as a dark angel last year, and I wanted to go as a Japanese geisha this time but I can't seem to find any kimono-like tops/dresses anywhere. So now I'll probably be doing something simple like an elf, or an angel (meh), or something like that. Elves are cool, I'll be Arwen! Or the female version of Legolas. Except I'll have to get a blonde wig, a bow, and arrows.. I like the idea of going as Katniss from the Hunger Games, but... haha, we'll see. 

Have I mentioned that the Halloween party is in 4 days? *eyes bulge*

5. Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series is awesome. 
I didn't like the movie The Golden Compass, therefore I have never felt inclined to read the book(s). But thanks to the RM200 book vouchers, I got myself the Northern Lights (I had absolutely no idea that it was the Golden Compass, by the way), and once I started reading... I got hooked. Haven't exactly read any good books for a very long time!

Okay, I need to go work on something for the Halloween party already. Yay. Not.

I'll be back! Now that I've started babbling about my life, I don't want to stop. So I suppose I'll be back. Hahaha. I'll see if I can find any interesting photos I've taken these nine months I was MIA, and upload them! :) 

Toodles. X

craving chocolate kisses ..
3:58 PM

♥ Friday, January 13, 2012 ♥
Happy Belated 2012! :P

13 January 2012

Right, so I'm too weeks late. And two months gone.

Anyway, this is just another lame and random update. I wouldn't have bothered if my roommate hadn't reminded me that my blog is dead. So, I guess it's thanks to her I'm here. Again.

So, what have I been up to!

Went to Singapore last year end (sounds like ages ago doesn't it) and spent my New Year's Eve and New Year there. No, I didn't go to all the overly-packed countdown parties, even though I sort of wanted to. Just spent a nice quiet night at my cousin's house, gorging on all sorts of sinful desserts and sweets. Yum. :P

My life is so boring right now I could weep. I suppose I should blame myself because I feel too lazy to do anything much. I just keep taking naps in the afternoons, it's like I'm trying to ... reclaim all the napping time I've lost in KL. It just occurred to me that I haven't had a nap for months already. And I probably will not be having one again once the next semester starts. Oh dear.

The timetable for the next semester just came out and I am beyond pissed. Won't get into it now since I'm going to be the first one to barge into the office the first day of school (and when is that again? I don't even know) and demand that they permit me to change my class time even though they have - meticulously, I'm sure - put my timetable together for me. Hmpph.

And ... I just highlighted my hair for the very first time today morning. My hair has finally lost its virginity! :) My parents don't really approve of me dyeing my hair but I just went ahead and did it anyway. Okay I wouldn't call this proper dyeing since it's just simple brown highlights, which aren't even that obvious unless if I stand under the sun. Then it looks pretty!

I'm satisfied with it, but the next time I guess I'll be going for a whole hair color change. Reddish-brown has always appealed to me, haha. I'll just see if I get hotter in the new few months. If I do, then red hair, here I come! If I get uglier due to stress and whatnot (ha-ha) ... I shall just stick to boring black.

Okay random pics time! :)

DKNY Be Delicious perfume set

My mom bought this for me, thanks mom! :)

Okay, actually, it isn't technically FOR ME, since my mom thinks it is ridiculous that I should need four perfumes, and that they would dry up before I'd even finish using one. So she took the 30ml Fresh Blossom and the mini Be Delicious, and I got the other two. Oh, and the shimmering body lotion.


Not that I have the remotest desire to look like him. Or any vampire for that matter. No thank you.

Om nom nom :P

Finger food served at G Hotel where we had one of our performances, which we eagerly ate during our performance break. It was one of the most tiring performances ever. Possibly because it was in the morning and most of us weren't quite awake yet. Of course, we revived a bit after the good food. The smoked salmon sashimi was awesome. And it was FREE. Double the awesomeness!

Free food tastes the best. HAHAHA. And mommy's cooking of course!

With Zi Lin the erhu pro! :)

L to R : Wei-Ying, me, Christy and Chelsea

I am in love with the G Hotel washrooms!

Notice that I refuse to call (to degrade as, more like) them mere toilets. They were all black and classy, with all those gorgeous swirly designs on the walls. And the light was just right. Not too glaringly bright, not too dim.

Which makes it a perrrfect place for ... you know it, camwhoring! =.=

Hahaha. Sorry. My deadly sin, vanity. :P

My mom's soon-to-be-dead roses! Just testing out the new Android photography apps that I downloaded.

Most of the photos below are taken using those apps or edited on the phone. It's crazy fun! :D

Hello, Penang!

Photo taken when I went hiking with Jit Nee last Friday.

Chinese New Year deco at Straits Quay

Pretty, no? Definitely better than the ones last year, which I can't quite remember, except for the fact that they were hideous. Hmm.

Group photo, taken yesterday night after our performance.

I look slightly disheveled and had my hair pinned up because, instead of performing indoors like last week (and last year, as a matter of fact), we performed OUTDOORS yesterday. And it wasn't even the sea-facing outdoors, otherwise we would probably have gotten a bit of a sea breeze. No, we were unfortunate enough to have performed on the land-facing outdoors. It was SO FREAKING HOT, we all couldn't stop sweating like pigs. 5 minutes. 5 minutes into the performance was all it took for our faces to start looking all shiny and yucky. Eew.

And the good news is, we're still performing outdoors next week. And the week after the next. Oh dear.

Taken from inside Coffee Bean

I tell you, the Ice Blended Pure Double Chocolate at this particular Coffee Bean is TO DIE FOR. Even without whipped cream, it was really great. The texture is incredibly smooth for an ice blended drink (which, to some people, I guess, is ridiculous because if they wanted 'smooth' drinks they probably would have gone for something else and not ice blendeds. Maybe.) and the taste so chocolatey I almost passed out. Hahaha.

Way more yummy than the PDCs I've tried in some of the other branches. Even the ones in KL couldn't beat the ones at Straits Quay. Yum. So having it when I go there again. Which is probably ... tomorrow. I'm sorry, fats. I can't resist the temptation, not when it comes to this drink. LOL.

New specs!

I look like a guy. A beetle-like guy with long hair, LOL. Extremely unlike myself! Hmm. And I have no upper lip oh my god HAHAHAHA. :(

And that's all for now!

Will attempt to update more oft- all right I shall not complete the sentence and accidentally make promises that I might not be able to keep. Haha. :P


craving chocolate kisses ..
9:21 PM

♥ Saturday, November 19, 2011 ♥
Plans, Plans! :)

19 November 2011

It'll be my one-month semester break one month from now! Incredible, isn't it. It's hard to believe I've been here for a semester already. It feels like I haven't done anything at all. Wait. It doesn't just FEEL that way, it IS that way. If you get me.

I suppose it's because the subjects I'm taking this semester are not that tough, and I dropped Accounting (which I have zero plans whatsoever to take up in the foreseeable future)(even though I have this inkling I might have to). I have no Accounting basics, and I can just tell that I'll hate it even though I've never done it. It's just one of those feelings. Haha.

Chemistry 101 is not as simple as thought. Some parts are, some aren't. For example the electron configuration 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s1 shit is just a damn pain in the ass. What's wrong with the good old 2.8.1 we learned back in high school? Pah.

Anyway. Semester break! I have a lot of wonderful plans for my break but I highly doubt that more than 5 of those plans would actually happen.

Let me just make a list and bore you all. Hahaha.

1. Explore KL with my friends.

Yes, I have been here for 4 months, and I have not really explored KL. Pretty tragic. It doesn't help that we don't own a car. Poo.

2. Go to Singapore.

I miss Singapore and I miss my relatives there! Ee Leng is back from New Zealand and I wanna see her, bad!! :D

Also, I must say, I've missed the Christmas atmosphere in Singapore. Orchard Road!! Haha.

3. Visit my friends' hometowns.

This is pretty unlikely. Don't think I can find the time to do so... Maybe next time!

4. Invite my friends to my hometown. Haha.

Yep. Could happen! Even though I have no idea what I'm gonna let them all do in Penang except eat. Or maybe we could do some sightseeing. Even though ... what is there to see in Penang that hasn't been seen before? Because most of my friends are from Kedah and they frequently have trips to Penang. Oh well.

5. Join the CO competition at Gurney next January.

Yaaaaaaay. I've missed Chinese Orchestra so damn much! Sigh. :')

6. Learn to cook.

HAHAHA I must must must make sure this plan is fulfilled. I'm now pretty good (self-claimed, but what the hell) at frying eggs! Ooh I love eggs. I just tried frying a sausage and cheese omelette yesterday! Too much sausage and too little eggs but dammit the outcome was freaking awesome. Although it was more like scrambled eggs than an omelette. STILL BLOODY YUMMY. :D

7. Lose weight.

Yes. So typical. But then I've gained weight due to lack of exercise here in KL. Been having a lot of fancy food recently, therefore! The only time I can exercise is during the weekends. Exercise being jogging, which I absolutely DETEST. I dance a bit too but it's nothing really calorie-burning, to be frank. I try my best though. Have climbed the stairs to my unit on the 19th floor a fair few times. Yes, 19th floor.

And I walk down the stairs every morning except for Thursday and the weekends, because the lifts never (okay, not never) come to the 19th floor. Somehow the kind people on the 10th - 13th floor manage to make the lifts go down when they get in, and us poor souls on the 19th floor have to wait for 10 minutes plus for the lifts. And if the lifts do, by some miracle, reach the 19th floor, they are always full. What's the point of even waiting? Taking the stairs is much quicker. :)

My End-of-the-Year resolution is to cycle on the stationary bike for at least 40 minutes (like I used to do) and then dance around and do whatever I can to be more fit. Hahaha.

8. Dance!

I can't dance as ... errm, liberally? as I used to do at home here, because there is just no SPACE and the worst thing is, there is no full-length mirror here. TRAGIC! I miss seeing the whole me! And there is no dance studio at Taylor's OMGWTF how can that be! Pfft. Luckily there are about a thousand and one reflective glass walls at Taylor's so that's where the Dance Club people practise and where I play around. Haha.

9. Bathe!

Right. This is a plan. Just not for sem break. For NOW. Gotta run. Gonna go grab lunch at the awesome Chinese place at Summit. Food there feels like home. Sort of. :)


craving chocolate kisses ..
12:31 PM

♥ Saturday, October 29, 2011 ♥
End of October

29 October 2011

It has been a long month, and I have been lazy again. If I didn't happen to see my roomie updating HER blog, I wouldn't even be here right now. But I am, because the guilt for neglecting my blog has kicked in, at last. Took me long enough. Haha.

A great bunch of things have been happening recently, and sad to say, they were mostly unfortunate events. I lost my phone, almost lost my laptop (I know right!!!), got a new phone, sat for SAT and TOEFL, got the results, attended the Fright Night Halloween party, went through the Great Bad Luck week ... list goes ever on and on.

Haha. Yes, you read that right. I lost my just acquired-in-March Vivaz Pro phone. I'm just this slightest bit upset over it; to be honest, I feel more furious than anything else. Because I accidentally dropped the phone on the LAST bus specially arranged for us Taylor's Lakeside students (only us) who live in Casa Subang, and the next day, it was gone. Sorry I sort of suck at summarizing a long story. So just pretend you actually understood what I'm trying to say.

It's pretty obvious the bus driver stole it since my friend was the last one to exit the bus that day, meaning, no other passenger could have possibly taken it, but what the hell, I can't prove it. And I'm not going to. Even though I want to. But it's impossible so I'm gonna let it go. It's a very long story which infuriates me, and ... why dwell on things of the past? Let it go.

Anyway, I'll be uploading a few photos of the Fright Night and some other exciting - well, more exciting anyway - events in the past few weeks.


The weather that night was pretty frightening. Stormy, rainy weather. I was wet before I even reached school. Haha. Admission ticket was a whopping RM40 when I could have sneaked in, gratis. The RM40 was for the buffet dinner, which was pretty bloody awesome. Not. But I'm trying to convince myself it was, because I wouldn't want myself to think that I've wasted the money for nothing. Hahaha.

Performance by the Theater students. To be frank, I didn't get the performance. Because I was distracted, and wasn't really watching. :P

Someone's really adorable (fine, it's not) headgear-hairband. Haha.

And here we are!! Hahaha.

We weren't exactly IN COSTUME, since I wouldn't call those genuine costumes, like, say, a Snow White costume. Haha.

Abee was, obviously, a hot devil.

Ah Bank, was a Chinese ghost-like clown from the front and Frankenstein from the back. Pretty damned creative, if you ask me. And she was wearing our school Chemistry lab coat HAHAHA. Talk about fully utilizing what our sponsors supplied us!

Ching Yee was the stare-at-you-with-big-eyes-during-midnight little girl ghost. Haha. Not very convincing right, she just looks more ... well, normal, like she's going shopping! Still nice though! :)

And I, was supposed to be a dark angel. I didn't have a halo, and my wings couldn't be seen. Talk about a ... um, fallen? dark angel. MAJOR FAIL! :P

My tutu-like skirt and gorgeous black shoes!

I know we don't look scary haha.

Neh, my wings! :D

With Wen Jin and her skinny long legs! Haha.

Some of my favorite photos from the night :

Borrowed Abee's devil stick for a bit and played around with it. Hahhaha.

I these two photos a lot!!

Right, go stalk me on Facebook if you wanna see the rest of the (decent-looking or acceptable) photos. Haha.


Sheena kindly invited us to her abode in Kajang for Deepavali. Was a really interesting trip, despite the fact that I was sick the whole day before Deepavali and couldn't take part in the prayers to Sheena's ancestors, and I couldn't eat all those glorious, mouthwatering Indian curries and traditional murukus or snacks (!!!!!!). Sigh. I feel so bad. Not for myself, but for Sheena's family. An extra sick person in the house! During their New Year!

Anyway we took the KTM commuter to Kajang, and boy it was a hell of a terrible trip. For me, at least. Firstly something was wrong with that particular commuter, it was very stuffy and warm inside. Also, there weren't any seats, and I was feeling especially dizzy and nauseous at that moment, so I threw aside all my concerns for my reputation (ha-ha, right), and squatted down on the floor like a bloody drunk or drug addict. Awesome. Hahah. I suffered that way through around 11 stops. Am I hardy or what?

Sheena helping Ching Yee put on her Punjabi suit. HAHAHA. Yes, we wore the traditional Indian costume! Thanks a lot Sheena and sister for lending us those suits!

Next time, I'm gonna wear a sari. Whooopee.

These were taken on the morning of Deepavali. Candles all lighted up! I am not entirely sure why they light up the candles, though. A tradition, yes, but why? Didn't occur to me to ask at the time. Too excited to be wearing a Punjabi suit! :)

Sheena looked absolutely gorgeous that day! Dangly earrings, makeup, new clothes! Everyone should look awesome during New Year, haha.

Even toddlers deck out in their very best (albeit not on their own accord, I suppose)! SO ADORABLE RIGHT? He was wearing a ring and a necklace! :P

Hahaha now you can see us more clearly. We look pretty great, right? Right. XD

Surprisingly I looked pretty Indian. Kind of. Ching Yee too! Ah Bank, not so much. Perhaps she's too fair. Not that our skin tones are all that dark, but ... I don't know. If you manage to figure it out then tell me!

Sheena's awesome family!!

Went for a walk around Sheena's residential area. Quite a pleasant neighborhood, as far as neighborhoods go. They have the standard playgrounds, a very precipitous, grassy green slope to play and camwhore at, huge trees, and not that many strays roaming around (the same cannot be said for where I am living now), et cetera.

I LOVE THIS PHOTO!! Hahaha there's this very ... olden-day feel to it (well, duh, it's greyscale), I think it's probably due to Ah Bank's funny Hang Tuah headgear (cunningly created from the scarf that went with the suit) and the stick she was holding, LOL.

I look like a bloody parrot (you know, the fish! Wait, that's blood parrot right okay I shall shut up now). I meant, pirate. Haha. Sorry. Being lame.

Look how steep it is! And green! LOVED IT! Haven't been anywhere really green recently. Welcome to Subang Jaya, the horribly urbanized, congested, polluted, (insert negative adjective here) city in which I'm living. Poo.

Okay. End of this post. Obviously a lot more interesting things happened but I cannot post everything all in one entry right? Right.

Haha. In case you are curious, my SAT scores weren't awesome. In fact, they were quite ... well. Exceeded my expectations, definitely, but in a bad way. LOL. Who says exceed expectations has to be exceed in a positive or increasing way? HAHAHA. I suppose my scores weren't BAD, but I was expecting far better scores (like in my practice tests). Oh well. Sigh. I feel like retaking the test even though it's pointless. But ... sheesh. What happened to not dwelling on the past then? Let it go. Haha.

My TOEFL scores, on the other hand, were pretty great. Not great great, like 115/120 great (I have a friend who got 120/120 BLOODY HELL and her SAT marks were 2380/2400 DOUBLE BLOODY HELL), but it wasn't awful. I'm quite satisfied and pleased with the results, since I was totally expecting to retake the test next year as I thought I screwed up. Turns out I only screwed up my Listening and Speaking section! Phew.

No expectations, no heartache. :)


craving chocolate kisses ..
11:39 PM

♥ Friday, September 09, 2011 ♥
Alive and (quite) Well

9 September 2011

So, yes, I'm alive! Despite all the stress, I'm still surviving, and enjoying my life to the absolute maximum (kind of)!!

Anyway, I'm going to post photos here. Will ramble next time! I have SO many things to say. I'll just say one thing now : LIFE HERE IS NO PLAY. It's stressful, I have had (still have) to make a lot of decisions that could potentially decide my success or failure in the future, and boy, they sure were no easy feats.

I have to cope with quite a lot of stuff now which I think I might have mentioned, I have no idea : my personal statement essay which I regard as one of the most important things along with SAT and TOEFL, the subject tests, teacher's recommendation letters, CommonApp, university application essay, resume, university research ... Who says growing up is fun? Haha.

So. I'll start with my campus photos! My campus basically looks picture-perfect all the time and is very 'photogenic' especially during genial, sunny weather. But it is pretty scary to be on campus during stormy and rainy weather, and it is just plain dull when the sky is a dreary, gloomy grey.

I'll share a 'fun' fact about Taylor's Lakeside Campus : it looks completely magnificent from the outside, but inside? Not so magnificent. When it rains, you'll get wet very easily. Then you would look up, notice the 'ceiling' and wonder why the hell you ARE getting wet. I still have no idea why. The corridors connecting Blocks C, D, and E are like that! Hahaha.

Am not complaining though, I love Taylor's so far!! And they ARE tiling the floors now. Haha. Although, I have to say, it is a tad too cold at certain places on our campus - our American Degree Program classrooms for instance. Damn cold. But I'm inuring to it! :)

Whoops am babbling already. I am SO sorry!

There, this is what my campus looks like during great weather! This photo is taken with my mediocre Canon IXUS camera (of which I complain about frequently, especially its performance in low light) and not stolen from Taylor's website or anything like that. Quite superb, no? Haha. :)

And THIS, is what my campus looks like in somber weather. Not so nice eh! It's like the buildings have blended into the sky and the whole world has turned a dismal grey.

Look how reflective the surface of the lake is! Beautiful right. Haha.

Hey, try spotting the tortoise in the photo above! The second photo. XD

Lots of fish in the lake, and I mean A LOT. Look at all those dark 'spots' or 'patches'!! Those are all huge catfish. EXTREMELY REVOLTING TO LOOK AT. Makes me dizzy. And squeamish.

Also a lot of koi and several other fishes of unknown (to me) species.

There are even ducks (and geese) on our campus! Too awesome. They have been the source of immense fascination and entertainment to my friends and I. Hahaha. We used to get so excited when they come out to swim.

They even have their own little wooden shelter, how sweet do the fluffy white ducks look sleeping underneath?

Seeeee. These photos are proofs that we were intrigued with the ducks. And geese. Damn I keep forgetting the geese. Haha.

Look, they are all swimming together like they are one, like they are family! It is just like the Ugly Duckling!

There are quite a number of new ducks and geese now! Some tiny black and white ones that look exactly like penguins and two more brown geese. Haha.

I like this photo. :)

No, wait. It is a sibling of Nessie, and it is called ... Taylie? Eew. Haha sorry I can't help being lame I have to relieve some of my stress or I would die...

Camwhoring with the adorable ducks. I look odd but who cares I took a photo with DUCKS!

Okay fine. Nothing really noteworthy about that. Hahaha.

There are times when some people sit by the lake, play their guitars, and sing. Hearing the simple music and singing along to it, feeling the pleasant breeze blowing against your cheeks, watching other students feeding the ducks, fish and tortoise ... there is nothing more enjoyable ... on campus anyway. Hahaha.

Okay, there are, I suppose. Like playing the keyboards (no piano, too bad) in the Student Life Center or one of the classrooms when nobody is around, like sitting chatting with friends over lunch ...

Pacman chairs in the Student Life Center and my insane friend Ah Bank. Hahaha.

One of the many (and I mean MANY) Apple computers (they ARE computers right? Or is there some other fancy name for it? Sorry, I'm a ... technonoob? LOL!) in our school.

I have had a lot of pretty peculiar - peculiar in the sense that they are unfamiliar and totally unlike what I usually eat in Penang - food this past month.

Fine, this isn't peculiar. It's just like our scrumptious Ice Kacang back in Penang, just without the abundance of jellies, nutmegs, corns and whatnot and only the red beans which I dislike. Hahaha. Oh, and it is also ... twice as expensive? Hrrmph. Welcome to KL!

Some minced meat noodle thing I had at Sunway Pyramid with my brother, Jenni and my roommate. Quite weird but quite delicious too!

EXTREMELY tragic dinner cooked by my roommate and I. If you even call this cooking. LOL. I feel sad for myself when I look at this photo. A piece of plain chicken, chicken soup with soggy beans floating atop, and plain noodles. *shakes head*

And this was not the worse ....

ARRRRGH! I wanna puke when I see this... Sweet potato and carrot 'half-porridge'. It was totally sticky and unporridge-like .... and ... eew. It's not that our cooking skills suck (okay, it kind of is) but it's because we do not have the proper utensils and I have no idea how to work the hot plate outside and it's not like my roomie and I ever venture out of our room anyway.

Also, my dear, kind aunt dumped all these yucky veggies for me one day despite my incessant declination, so, what to do but to cook them?

Starfruit and apples! Starfruit are so tasty! I never knew! Never touched them back at home. Maybe it had something to do with the shape ... The little stars just look so appealing and delicious! Starfruit are cut into thick strips back at home ... eew, no thanks!

With roomie Ching Yee! :)

One of the most awesome nights I had since I came here. Just sat there and chatted nonstop with my mates, and we even bought shandy to celebrate. As in, celebrate for no reason. LOL. CHEERS!!!

Here's a photo of me wearing a totally adorable hairband which kind of doesn't suit me, at a Chinese restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. In case, you know, you've forgotten what I looked like. HAHAHA. And in case you're curious as to whether I look the same (ie, have gained or lost weight).

I was really tired when the photo was taken, can you tell? It's hardly possible to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep nowadays ... Sigh.

Few photos with some of my mates. There are more but can't be arsed to upload them now. Haha.

Okay. End of this post! I have to go edit my ENGLISH101 essay draft now! Geez. So many things to do, so little time! :(

Anyway. Ta. Will update if I have anything interesting to tell. Actually I do have a lot of interesting things to tell now, but this post is getting unbearably long and I am starting to feel dizzy for some inexplicable reason. Stress, I suppose. First stomachaches, now dizziness. Sigh. What a hard life. Hahaha. Just kidding. I'm not that good with stress I suppose.

Nights! :)

craving chocolate kisses ..
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